Here is a great explanation of how to use polling with the WCF-SQL adapter.

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A few years back now (sheesh, that long already??) I wrote a post about debatching messages from the classic BizTalk SQL adapter.  Since that time, we’ve seen the release of the new and improved WCF-based SQL adapter.  You can read about the new adapter in a sample chapter of my book posted on the Packt Publishing website.  A blog reader recently asked me if I had ever demonstrated debatching via this new adapter, and to my surprise, I didn’t found anyone else documenting how to do this.  So, I guess I will.

First off, I created a database table to hold “Donation” records.  It holds donations given to a company, and I want those donations sent to downstream systems.  Because I may get more than one donation during a WCF-SQL adapter polling interval, I need to split the collection of retrieved records into individual records.

After creating a new…

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  1. Vinayak Kumashi says:

    Hi ,
    I am able to configure WCF SQL debatching . I had to use a Receive Pipeline with XML Disassembler component Document Schema set to TypedPolling.sqlBinding_ID1.TypedPollingResultSet0 (ID1 is the Polling ID) and the Envelope Schema Set to TypedPolling.sqlBinding_ID1.TypedPolling schema . The Typed Polling Schema should be set to Envelope Schema other things mentioned in the article. The Subscribing Orchestration must subscribe to TypedPolling.sqlBinding_ID1.TypedPollingResultSet0 Message using a Receive shape. Overall Nice article . Thanks a lot . Vinayak

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