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Here is a great explanation of how to use polling with the WCF-SQL adapter.

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A few years back now (sheesh, that long already??) I wrote a post about debatching messages from the classic BizTalk SQL adapter.  Since that time, we’ve seen the release of the new and improved WCF-based SQL adapter.  You can read about the new adapter in a sample chapter of my book posted on the Packt Publishing website.  A blog reader recently asked me if I had ever demonstrated debatching via this new adapter, and to my surprise, I didn’t found anyone else documenting how to do this.  So, I guess I will.

First off, I created a database table to hold “Donation” records.  It holds donations given to a company, and I want those donations sent to downstream systems.  Because I may get more than one donation during a WCF-SQL adapter polling interval, I need to split the collection of retrieved records into individual records.

After creating a new…

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Stephen Kaufman – 24 Oct 2004 11:14 PM – How to get the source file name in a pipeline component:

In previous entries I have shown how to access Pipeline Context items. There are a number of ‘built in’ promoted properties that provide important information. There are different items for the receive and send pipelines.

The 14 receive pipeline items are #including the associated namespace#:

1. ReceivedFileName #

2. InboundTransportLocation #

3. InterchangeID #

4. ReceivePortID #

5. ReceivePortName #

6. WasSolicitResponse #

7. AuthenticationRequiredOnReceivePort #

8. InboundTransportType #

9. LRPMsgBodyTracking #

10. MessageExchangePattern (

11. PortName (

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Auto-GAC your BizTalk Helper Classes with Post Build Events

Working with .net helper classes in BizTalk Server is a common occurance.

It can sometimes be easy to forget to GAC the latest version of the code when you go to test the solution on your local development box. But using a simple Post Build Event, you can have your code automatically put in the GAC for you.

Adding a post build event is easy. Just go to the project properties of your helper class and select Build Events.

Enter the following under Post Build Event:

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\Bin\gacutil.exe” /i $#TargetPath#

Now when you build your .net code your dll will be GACed for you.

via Auto-GAC your BizTalk Helper Classes with Post Build Events.

Fabio Marini has created a nice template for creating multi-part maps in Biztalk 2010 which can be found here: Multipart Map Template.

Atin Agarwal has an excellent post regarding ‘Inserting parent child records with Identity column using WCF-SQL Adapter in one transaction’.

via Inserting parent child records with Identity column using WCF-SQL Adapter in one transaction – One Blog for Biztalk Engineers – Site Home – MSDN Blogs.